Have you ever played in a softball league?

How many of you joined a recreational softball league because you wanted to have fun!? You thought, or you may have been told by a friend, or maybe a co-worker, or even your boss, “join a softball league, it will be fun.” “Well, I am not very good at softball,” would be your reply.  “It’s okay, you don’t have to be good.  Just go out and have some fun.” So you head down to the local parks and recreation office or a privately owed softball facility and you pay your registration fee.  You either get on a friends team, or you are put on a “free agent” list hoping you get the call which in most cases is not likely.  You don’t have a glove, so now you have to buy a glove and you probably have no idea what sort of glove to get.  Then, you think you have to buy a bat which in itself is a chore.  (Pssst, you don’t have to buy a bat). You do need to get the appropriate footwear as sandals are most likely frowned upon.

You suck at softball

Now you have your new cleats and maybe a new glove and you are ready to play.  You show up, you warm up, and it becomes clear to the “coach” that you just are not very good.  If you throw right-handed (assuming you know that already) and you put your right foot forward when you throw, that is not a good look.  It screams “ROOKIE” right away.  Warm ups aside, you find yourself in the starting lineup because only 10 players showed up.  They HAVE to put you in.  Likely, you will be the catcher.  If so, please do not squat down in a traditional catchers pose as if you were playing baseball.  First, you will look like a fool, and secondly, it’s dangerous and you’re one foul ball away from an emergency visit to the dentist. 

On your first trip up to the plate somehow you miraculously get on base.  Probably a walk.  So, there are no outs and you are proud of yourself for reaching first base.  Next batter comes up and they hit a pop up or an easy fly ball.  You’re off!  There you go, on your way to second base!  Woo Hoo!  Those frantic gestures from that guy or gal standing next to third base (that is called a base coach) is screaming and yelling at you to “GET BACK,” but you don’t understand, so you run faster!  You are out! What, you don’t know what tagging up is? Rookie. Now you have drawn the ire of the entire team and even your friend who brought you (as they seek for hiding).

Your short lived softball career is now over

You just completely embarrassed yourself on your first night and it was not even fun like everyone told you it would be.  As the week progresses, what once was an exciting time eagerly awaiting for your first game, week two comes and you dread going.  Your base running mistake and your O-fer caused your team to, gasp, lose!  And this was the “lower” league.  The “just for fun” league.  Yeah, don’t buy that.  No city softball league is fun anymore.  You just got a dose of “Softball Dude.” Softball Dude permeates all over these city or private league fields. They are everywhere.  They may be labeled an “A” (in softball speak, a “C” player) because they play on high caliber teams, but they are always whoring around looking for any team to pick up on.  It is likely that even on your “for fun” team, Softball Dudes are sprinkled on the team.  

Softball leagues reek of injustice

That is my synopsis of a softball league.  Who has time for leagues anyways? People these days have a hard time making a weekly commitment.  When I worked at a softball facility from 2007 to 2010, I saw illegal teams playing every night.  It is a rare occurrence when every player on the roster actually makes the game especially later in the season when it is apparent you are not winning a trophy.  Then teams have to pick up that one Softball Dude walking around the park looking for a game.  Meanwhile, the opposing team has all their players and they know dam well your team is playing with illegal players.  The legal team is always in a can’t win situation then.  If the legal team complains, they look like whiners and if they don’t complain and they lose, they save some face, but, they did lose to an illegal team and it only burns your ass. 

If you suck at softball, then come play for us!

Fortunately, we at (It’s) Just A Game Events gives you an opportunity to actually play softball for FUN! Our #GenXGames are for those age 35 and over.  We primarily advertise the games through our Meetup group, Activities and Sports for the Awesomely Mediocre (ASAM). Folks in this Meetup are well, mediocre, and technically, anyone of any age from ASAM can play.  If you suck at softball, you are welcomed!  We meet up, we make teams, we have an umpire, we play an hour game and then we socialize and network after!  It is not a league and it is NOT competitive.  We simply have fun!  So come join us!

We meet every Tuesday night at Arena Softball in Roseville, California for some INDOOR softball.  The indoor game provides a different, but fun dynamics of the game. 

softball, fun, roseville

Softball just for fun! We are mediocre, and that is okay!

The game is from 6:30 to 7:30 and the cost is $10.  You meet at the front desk and check in by filling out a waiver and paying the money.  For information on Arena Softball, here is their website. This link gives you detailed directions as Arena Softball can be tough to find if you’ve never been there: https://share.viewedit.com/neRYHePs5TF7qUPziDSRdx

Here is our upcoming schedule: https://justagameevents.com/upcoming-events-2/