As I get my #GenXGames going, games for those 35(ish) years and older, there is a message I am trying to instill.  That is, we don’t care if you’re not good!  Athleticism is not required.  I primarily advertise, for now, through our Meetup group, Activities and Sports for the Awesomely Mediocre here in the Sacramento market.  Between that Meetup group and another group I do events for, Singles Adventures, I think folks are still hesitant to sign up. I post photos and make videos showing just how “mediocre” we are. 

My initial GenXGames events have been indoor softball at Arena Softball in Roseville. People in the past may have played a little softball maybe in a local recreation league, or maybe just among friends at a local park.  But, even though it is call a “recreation” league, it is far from recreational.   City’s may as well call it what it is, “Competitive” leagues. There is NO such thing as “fun” softball leagues;

fun anyways for your mediocre caliber player.  Sure, “Softball Dude” has fun, but we need events that are for the mediocre or ordinary, non-competitive player. 

That is where my GenXGames come in.  Each week is its own event.  There is no weekly commitment.  Come play when you can.  Who has time for leagues anymore? Come out and meet some fun folks and not be judged, maybe laughed at, but that is the point!  Then we all join each other for some beers and food.  It then becomes a networking event!