Nothing but fun playing indoor softball

So I have been hosting some indoor softball meetups and or pick up games at Arena Softball in Roseville, California.  The mantra is “not competitive” and the fact that it is NOT a weekly league.  Each Tuesday night is it’s own event.  Come when you can. Our Meetup group is Activities and Sports for the Awesomely Mediocre, or ASAM.  We clearly are the definition of that.

No Judging

Like I have chronicled before, people of all levels come out and play.  Some folks have always wanted to try the game, but were completely intimidated by join a “recreational” league, and like I have said before, there is NO such thing as a “recreational” softball league.  At our Meetups, we don’t care how much experience you may have.  The nice aspect of our weekly games is that yes, we do have some folks who are pretty good, but that does not get in the way of someone who is not so good, or a beginner.  The “star” players know how to “dummy” it down a bit, yet, can still have fun and get their competition on.

How Indoor Softball Works

When batting, the team gets 20 pitches.  You try and score as many runs as 20 pitches will get you.  You start off with a ball and a strike.  Illegal pitches do not count against the 20 allotted pitches.  The field is tiny and is encased by netting.  The ball is LIVE if hit off the netting where it can be caught for an out (unless the ball hits one of two orange rectangle where it is a home run, or hits in the “X” spots, which is a safety area).  Every batted ball is in play.  So, even if you foul tip the ball, it’s live and you run to first base so you have to have a strong catcher, or in our case, a mediocre catcher.   On defense, you can score points.  Every out nets you a half point.  THAT is cool!  So, if you recorded 8 outs on defense, you get 4 points.  We play four innings, and with the defense having the capability of scoring points, if you are the home team with the lead and you go to the bottom of the fourth inning, you still have to bat! (Because the defense can score, right?).

The info:

Each event, I randomly put down the names of the players on a white board making teams and trying to do it evenly as best as possible.  We had some new folks this week, and they were pretty good, so it was a lopsided win for the “good guys.”

So, come out and join us!  After the game we enjoy some adult beverages and some really, really good food from the bar.  Information on Arena Softball can be found here: ttps:// 

If you are in the Sacramento area and want to see what else our Meetup has to offer, click in this link for our ASAM group: ASAM