GenXGames Are Here!

A few months back we promised some games for those over the age of 35 in the Sacramento region.  It is a process. Our attention is focused on Roseville initially. Once we prove that the GenXGames can be successful, we can then transition to the greater Sacramento region.

We started with an indoor flag football event held at Arena Softball in Roseville.  It was a blast, and everyone fit the bill of being 35 or over.  The game was not competitive which made it genuinely fun, and I even scored a couple of touchdowns.  The “pros” who still play the game of flag football were even patient with us.  As a matter of fact, the games made them almost look “old”! It was because of the rest of us clunkers not getting to the routes quick enough, or dropping passes. The “pros” were throwing us “soft tosses” instead of zipping in the ball, and we all appreciated that.

I am going to do these games during the work week and in the morning.  Yes, it takes a lot of the 9 to 5 folks out of “contention,” but these games are unique in themselves, so having these games at these times enhances the uniqueness to them.  I hope to start a movement, a movement that gets more companies in to exploring “flex” hours so their employees can come out and participate. But, that is in the future. I have to get the games going first.

It’s a Health And Wellness Thing

I will be promoting the games in the category of health and wellness.  Does anyone see a parallel here? Fun games. Non-competitive. Health and Wellness. Flex company schedules.

Attending our GenXGames will cost you $10 per event  which will be a hour in length.  We will be setting up a membership site where a quarterly fee can be paid in lieu of paying for each event.  Obviously there will be savings in paying for a year long membership.  So, it is akin to joining a gym, right? Instead of working out a gym, work out playing fun games while at the same time, doing some networking, and meeting new folks with similar interests. 

Part of the process is considering facilities.  Yes, it will be easy to go to any park and not have to worry about a permit, as most city parks are on a first come, first serve basis and nobody will be using parks during the weekday morning or afternoons.  Once I get folks, then I can start utilizing caterers or barbecuing myself so lunch can be served!  I will seek indoor facilities, and my natural choice in Roseville is Arena Softball, as they have a top notch bar and grill already in place, unlike any other indoor facility.