Coming 6/1/17

Welcome to GenX Games!  The idea of GenX Games are for folks over the age of 35 to get together in a social setting and play games like we did on the playground at school or on our street we grew up on.  We all want to re-live our childhood games, right?  Some of us may be in better “shape” than others our age, but at least we do not have to compete against the 20 year old athlete! 

These games will always be played during the week.  We want you to have your weekends available for your other activities and for family.  Games will start off being in the mornings and afternoons, with weeknight games coming shortly afterwards.

  • Kickball
  • Softball
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Even Bubble Soccer (something we did not have as kids)

There will be a per event charge, or, you will have the option to sign up for a yearly membership to save.

These games will also be available for corporations/companies.  WE WILL COME TO YOU! You pick out a date, and we will make it happen exclusively for your group.  We will find a park/facility close by for you.


GenXGames inagural event, a HUGE success!

Our GenXGames inaugural event was a flag football event that took place at Arena Softball in Roseville.  It was a blast! Was the first time I took the field and played!  We all came out with some soreness, lol, but remained mostly intact.  We had a few guys who still play the game, but we extremely patient and helpful with us “newbies,” or those whom hadn’t played in years!  We even had a couple of ladies take part! Good times!