Back on Super Bowl Sunday morning, I held my first #GenXGames event, for us folks 35 and older.  We had 16 folks come out including a couple of ladies!  It was a blast.  As a long time promoter of flag football in Northern California, events in which I never played in, it was fun to get back on the field.  The last time I played was in an adult league when I was in my young 20’s.

Like I have blogged previously, I was a pretty good athlete.  As for football, I always thought I had great hands.  Well, I was able to display that at my event.  I made a few catches and even scored a couple of touchdowns. I even got a couple “Atta kid” comments, and “wow, nice catch,” which fueled my ego a bit.

I will move forward with my #GenXGames, but I am in the planning process as I write.  My hopes are to get some “Event Partners” or “Relationship Partners” to help me get the word out.  I KNOW there are other folks in their 40’s and 50’s who want to play some games too, but, it is just getting the word out to them.

My hopes are to hold weekly mid-week morning events starting first at Arena Softball in Roseville.  Would love to maybe do two a week and rotating the events with flag football, indoor softball, indoor kickball, and some bubble ball soccer for a real workout!  I know, most people work at that time, but if you go to a gym like I do, I see other people in the gym at those hours.  What is to say that instead of going to the gym that day, you head out to Arena Softball instead and play a game? I do not have the 9-5 job, as I work on my company full time, and there ARE others who do have these times off from work. 

If YOU are interested in helping me get the word out, please reach out to me.  All my contact info is here on my website, but you can call me or text me at (209) 996-1881.