Bubble Soccer Ball Rentals

Hilarity will ensue when you have these bubble soccer ball units! Let us bring them out to your corporate outing, team building event, birthday party, school events (graduations), or church group function.  Call now to ask questions, or reserve the units!

There are quite a few games that can be played when renting out the units. Along with bubble soccer, you can play tag, King of the Hill, or have an obstacle course (that we can set up).

Even more, we can include some other fun games or activities with your group when you want to take a break from the bubble units. How about a game of capture the flag? Or, maybe a kickball game can break out! The possibilities are endless. We can surely find some additional activates for your group. Most of these game comes with the price you are quoted (by checking our link below: See Different Packages And Prices).

YES, we can help you find a location.
YES, you can play adults versus kids. I mean, adults DO have an advantage over kids so some caution does need to take place.
YES, you will get sweaty! We have wipes for this to clean the units.
NO, you are not too old to try this!
NO, you cannot play if you are pregnant.

SAFETY: It is a priority
We will make sure you are safely harnessed in the unit.
Do not bump in to a player who is on the ground.
It IS a solid workout. You will get fatigued after a few minutes. We encourage you to moderate your experience. Simply let other folks give it a try while you take a break and grab some water.
We clean the units after every event with a rubbing alcohol and water mix.

These units are available throughout the greater Sacramento region (and further for an additional charge). So throw out some “bubbly” at your next event!

Reservations will be accepted starting 12/1/16